Kalam Dreamz Foundation a pioneer Blood Donation NGO in Lucknow

What is the best ever gift you can give to society at large. Yes, it is none other than blood. Blood Given to somebody is like life given to somebody. There is no denying to that, we as a society are at large in need of blood every second. While the world faces Blood Shortage, what are we doing at our end? Are we simply sitting on our couches and watching TV while criticizing the government for every pitfall in the system. Or are we really making a difference. Kalam Dreamz Foundation is making a difference by making Blood Donation its one of the motives. Kalam Dreamz Foundation has worked hard and with dedication to organize Blood Donation Camps in Lucknow and Blood Donation Centers in Lucknow. Kalam Dreamz Foundation has taken a vow to eradicate the Blood Supply Shortage in Lucknow. Kalam Dreamz Foundation in over the years has earned many followers and volunteers, who work nonstop to make dreams of Kalam Dreamz Foundation true. Kalam Dreamz Foundation has also tied up with many organizations where they conduct Blood Donation drives. One of the major challenges that Blood Donation sector faces is awareness. Kalam Dreamz Foundation has put all its efforts to create awareness about Blood Donation. It has organized Road shows, conducted BTL activities, interacted with real prospective donors, and launched campaigns to create awareness. Many people are afraid that if they donate blood, their own body will be deficient of blood. That is where awareness comes. The fact is that plasma in our blood is recovered after blood donation in just within 24 hours, while RBC’s are recovered after blood donation within 4 to 6 weeks. That’s it, you are again ready to donate your blood. Such facts are miles away from prospective donors at this point of time. There is a need to create awareness, and Kalam Dreamz Foundation has been successful in doing so in Lucknow. We take pride in organizing number of times Blood Donation Camps at Dreamz Group. Dreamz Group has extended their full support and overwhelmingly donated hundred’s units of blood to the organization. Kalam Dreamz Foundation has started a journey, and it’s going to last. What we ask you to do is come and join us in our endeavor to make it successful. With you we will accomplish the unaccomplished. Blood Donation in Lucknow has lots more to be worked upon, and it’s just a humble start.

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