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Want to go for a safari ride? You can enjoy wildlife safaris, adventure trips and relaxing vacations in Sri Lanka. Experience all of the above, in one country.


Sri Lanka has many wildlife sanctuaries and parks guaranteed to provide you with unforgettable safari experiences. Some safaris in Sri Lanka are:

  • Bundala National Park Safari: In Bundala National Park you can explore the swampy marshlands, thorny shrubs, golden sand dunes and scenic lagoons. Here you can spot wild buffalos, wild boars, mongooses, porcupines, endemic jackals, etc. The aquatic wildlife of Bundala is also amazing and is home to crocodiles and turtles of various types. The best time to visit this park is during the months of March and September.

  • Kumana National Park Safari: A birdwatcher’s paradise, Kumana is the ultimate destination for residential and migrating birds. Here you will find an array of different birds and unforgettable moments. More than 430 bird species feed and nest in Kumana. You will get to see birds like spoonbills, pelicans, herons, egrets, etc… The best time to visit this park is between the months of April to July. Apart from birds you can also find wild boar, golden jackal, European otter, etc.

  • Wilpattu National Park Safari: At Wilpattu, the untamed wildlife with diversified flora and fauna is plenty. Known as the largest national park in Sri Lanka, the scenery and wildlife is absolutely stunning. Here you can find sambhar, jackals, wild pigs, water buffalos, etc… as well as elephants and the elusive Sri Lankan Leopard. People who love tropical wildlife should definitely visit Wilpattu National Park.

  • Hurulu Eco Park Safari: In this Park you will find leopards and elephants. You can also find star tortoise, parrots, jungles fowl, rusty spotted cats, hawks, etc. You will get a thrilling experience and the best time to visit is between April to September. The safari includes private jeeps, driver, and pickup/drop facilities.

  • Kaudulla National Park: The Park is located in Polonnaruwa. Here you will find majestic elephants in their natural habitat. You will also find sambhar deer, wild boar, Sri Lankan axis deers, etc. If you get lucky you can also catch a glimpse of leopard and sloth bear too. The best time visit Kaudulla park is between the months of June and September, as you can also enjoy a paddle boat ride.

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