A façade is what your building looks from outside

A façade is a building’s primary exterior face. It generally includes the main entry to the building and has the most elaborate architectural features. As the most public face of a building, a façade is particularly important to your business. Studies have shown that thoughtful design improvements often lead to greater sales for a business by attracting more customers. Satori Consulting will provide ideas to get you dreaming about how to improve your building. It focuses on basic elements that are eligible for funding through the program, but we encourage you to take your ideas to a professional designer to develop them further. Design costs associated with the façade are an eligible expense in the Building Renovation In Pune.

Update the building’s physical maintenance.

Regular maintenance is the best investment you can make in your building. Quickly repairing damage and deterioration keeps your building in its best working order and is the best way to preserve the value of your building over the long-term. It is also your responsiblity to maintain your building in good repair. Cracked windows, peeling paint, burned-out lights, and other damages diminish the professional image and appeal of our business districts. Well-maintained buildings express pride and care and enhance economic vitality. The first step in improving your storefront is to evaluate your building’s maintenance needs. If repairs or maintenance are needed, they must be completed before or alongside other façade improvements in Pune in order to qualify for Façade Improvement Program funding.



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