How to change brother printer settings on mac


If you are a mac book user then you will be able to use a number of alluring features of the macbook but you need to know all about the features of this device so that you can use it in the proper manner. Now just in case you feel that you want to print some page or document but you want to change the settings of the brother printer then you have to do as follows:-

Here you have to first of all open the photo or the document that you want to print.

Once you open it then you have to go for selecting the print command on to your application.

Followed by going to the selection of your product as the printer.

Then you have to go to the printer settings, now here you need to check that if needed then you can simply click on the arrow that is placed next to the printer settings.

Or on the show details button so that you can expand the show details button.

Now here you can manage the settings according to your choice like you can go for selecting the copies as well as the pages settings of whatever kind you want.

Followed by selecting the page setup options such as the paper size as well as the orientation.

Once you are done with that then you can also go for selecting the application specific settings that appear on to the screen.

Then you have to change the print settings, print quality etc.

In case you feel any difficulty then you can choose to call on the brother printer technical support to get the required assistance and that too without any issues.

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