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Fredericksburg, VA -@ The Car Wash has been in the business of installing and supplying window tint for clients in and around Fredericksburg. With many years of varying experience, they are the leading tinting service providers offering quality car tinting service at unbelievably lower prices. Furthermore, their service and workmanship is the best when compared to others. The highly professionalism and proficiency they bring to their work is incomparable. In addition to professional service, they use highest grade security films and window tint to make sure that the needs and requirements of clients are well catered for.

As a matter of fact, @ The Car Wash ( is the most preferred car tinting service provider in Fredericksburg. They are committed to providing superior customer service. Customer satisfaction is their number one priority. Regardless of the model and brand of car, @ The Car Wash uses state of the art tools and boast well trained technicians to ensure a smooth car window installation service.

Car tinting in Fredericksburg is becoming increasingly popular these days because of the many benefits it offers. Professionally installed car tinting films reinforces the glass panel and ensures the broken glasses are well secured. They also help reduce heat by up to 70 percent. Furthermore, it helps reduce drastically the harmful radiation by almost 100 percent. As the leading car tinting service provider in Fredericksburg, @ The Car Wash always have the interest of their clients at heart and strives to provide superior services at the lowest possible prices. The car tinting work they offer is guaranteed to last long and provide great performance because they use only the best quality products. Car owners in Fredericksburg can now get a car tinting job done in a way that meets their specifications, thanks to @ The Car Wash. Contact the leading car tinting in Fredericksburg today for a free quote

About @ The Car Wash
@ The Car Wash ( is conveniently located in the Central Park shopping district along Cowan Blvd and Carl D. Silver Pkwy, allowing the residents of Fredericksburg and the surrounding areas to access great service quickly and easily. They specialize in various services including car wash, car detailing, car tinting and much more. @ The Car Wash offer professional detailing and a variety of restoration services to make sure that every car, truck, van or SUV really shines.



1711 Carl D. Silver Pkwy
Fredericksburg, VA 22401


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