Bulldozer Hire

Bulldozer is one of the common and widely used construction equipment. They are heavy, tracked vehicles with a large, metal plate — a blade — in front, capable of pushing material, such as dirt, sand, snow or debris, or even breaking through walls or other obstacles on demolition projects.


Bulldozers are used in coal mines, solid waste management, coal ash, levelling of earth and other allied jobs, in grading process and are often used to smooth and pack dirt at construction sites, or during the early stages of road constructions or parking lots.


We proudly claim to be the owner of more than 35 bulldozers ranging from 9 TON to 36 TON and are of world famous manufacturers as Caterpillar, Komatsu and BEML (Bharat Earth Movers Limited).



Model    Make          Engine HP     Blade Size (MM)    Operation Weight

D4-D     CATERPILLAR   75 HP      3048 X 762               9 TON

D6          CATERPILLAR   85 HP       3050 X 840               10 TON

BD50     BEML                   90 HP          3350 X 855               11 TON

D41-E6  KOMATSU         105 HP       3045 X 1010             10.5 TON

D7          CATERPILLAR   140 HP       3650 X 920               14 TON

D8         CATERPILLAR  180 HP       4260 X 1080              20 TON

BD80     BEML                180 HP        4260 X 1080              21.5 TON

BD120    BEML                285 HP        4570 X 1220              27.5 TON

BD155    BEML                 324 HP        4850 X 1140              36 TON



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