Procedure to order special meals in Delta Airlines

Delta offers extraordinary dinners for clients with particular dietary, religious or restorative needs.Clients with exceptional feast prerequisites can submit a request for an uncommon dinner up to 24 hours before takeoff by choosing Special Service Request  on delta. or through Delta Reservations or a free travel operator.Upon landing in the flight entryway, clients ought to prompt the door specialist they have.While asking for uncommon meals please take note of the accompanying exemptions apply

While asking for a unique dinner on a Delta flight, please make sure to choose a meal from Delta’s extraordinary meals menu or choices as Delta does not satisfy dinners that are not some portion of the uncommon dinner menu.

An extraordinary meal ask for a Delta flight made with another bearer won’t be connected to the Delta section of a reservation. To better guarantee that the extraordinary supper ask for is connected to a Delta portion, please call at the Delta airlines booking phone number  or Delta Reservations to ask for an uncommon meal.

Procedure to order special meal:-

1) when you visit the Delta airlines website ,you have to scroll down to the “special detail” section.

2)Then you will go to the “Request special services” option ,where you will find several options that you need to fill to avail the special order

3)first you have to enter the name of the passenger

4) Then you have to select the special service you need to avail like special meal

5)Then you have to select the type of meal you want from the options given below

6)Then you have to mention the flight you are travelling through

7)After that you have to select the “Add” option to your right

8)Finally select “close” and you have successfully placed your special order

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