“The Voynich Manuscript is the First Book of the Americas” – Says Morten St. George


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Fort Lauderdale (US), 15th September 2017: Which was the first book written in the Americas? Most people might think of the diary of Christopher Columbus or perhaps the work of one of the chroniclers. But we have a different answer now and it comes from none other than Morten St. George, a passionate researcher who has dedicated his life to uncovering mysteries of the ancient world and enjoys a considerable fan following for having unearthed many such mysteries in the past. According to him, the Voynich Manuscript is the First Book of the Americas.

These hand-written scripts which so far have been believed to have been written in an unknown writing system have been carbon-dated from 1404 to 1438 CE. So far most attempts to decode them have failed. But according to Morten St. George the drawings do give us many interesting clues. There are several pointers that suggest a close link of these scripts to Catharism especially one drawing that depicts a fortress which according to the author was the last stronghold of the Cathars and was destroyed by the French in 1244 CE.

To stress his point that the Cathars were the authors of the Voynich manuscript Morten St. George says“This is an independent medieval depiction of the bonfire at Montségur using a handful to symbolize two hundred. In the top right, note the steep winding path going up to the fortress. Note the French soldiers to the left. Above all, note on top a coned tower with balcony and one window, but the sight of lower windows might be cut off by the mountain. Compare this with the Voynich drawing displaying a coned tower with balcony and windows below. Very likely, the authors of the Voynich manuscript were Cathars”

It is an interesting theory which actually makes us take a new look at the entire history of Americas and Morten St. George does substantiate it with interesting examples. If you wish to further read about this theory further please visit his official website http://mortenstgeorge.net or read the interesting Q&A regarding this theory by visiting http://mortenstgeorge.net/the-voynich-manuscript-q-and-a.html

About Morten St. George: Morten St. George (http://mortenstgeorge.info) is an independent ancient astronaut investigator and the author of many articles that have been widely dispersed on the Internet. He is also the author of a book called Incantation of the Law Against Inept Critics.


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