Don’t Wait For A Chimney Sweep

Sitting by the wood stove and enjoying the crackling fire with the wind howling outside may be the last thing on your mind.  But in the Midland and Penetanguishene area it is going to arrive, it always does.  It is important to ensure your wood stove and chimney are in good condition, working properly and cleaned/inspected before you light it up and settle in for the winter.  Now I know there are some in the Midland and Penetanguishene area who may scoff at the idea; however there is ample evidence that a Chimney Sweep at least once a year is mandatory for anybody who is burning regularly, and sometimes more frequently – ask your sweep they will give you some idea on how often to call.   In fact these annual tasks are recommended by many national fire safety groups like the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA), the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and are even part of the Ontario Fire Code – yes the Ontario Fire Code states  you must have and annual inspection and sweep as necessary.  Chimney Sweeping is all about protection of your life and property – it is to help serious problems associated with fire hazards or carbon monoxide leaking into your home.  RAW Chimney Sweep and Inspections  strongly suggests to all of our customers to schedule your Chimney Sweep appointment with us to have your chimney swept and inspected in the late summer before fall arrives allowing your to get the appointment date and time you want.  Waiting until fall means you are now into busy season and you may just have to wait a while for your visit by a Chimney Sweep.

The reason that CSIA, NFPA, WETT and the Ontario Fire Code state you should have an annual Chimney Sweep is all about CREOSOTE REMOVAL  – creosote builds up on the inner walls of the Chimney Flue and must be removed.  Creosote is a part of combustion and develops during condensation of the flue gases – CREOSOTE can vary in appearance and be black or brown, dull or shiny, crispy, gummy, sticky, gooey, brittle or crisp. But it is always FLAMABLE.  The WETT Certified Chimney Sweep will take great care to ensure the CREOSOTE is all removed.

WETT Certified Chimney Sweeps use high powered vacuums, powerful rotating power sweeps or brushes to clean the flue from top to bottom.  A special Chimney Camera can also be used to view the chimney for defects.  Visit our website and schedule your annual Chimney Cleaning with a WETT Certified Chimney Sweep today!

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