Alibaba Clone Script – Latest B2C Platform Released by Eagle’s Team

Marketing automation software company Alibaba Clone Script is making a major push into the b-to-c space, spying an opportunity to tap into consumer marketers’ desire to stay engaged with customers. Long essential to b-to-c marketers, marketing automation platforms such as Amazon, ebay, flipkart, Indiamart are used to monitor performance of marketing campaigns and leads, helping companies prioritize prospects based on their engagement.


But in a recent interview with Ad Age, Eagle Technosys said its Alibaba Clone Script b-to-c customers will make up its firm’s business by 2017. Half of its bookings in worldwide are actually b-to-c, said Eagle Technosys, up from zero a few quarters earlier. It sees this complete crossover starting to happen between the techniques and systems that grew up in the b-to-c world now being applied into consumer marketing applications.


Alibaba Clone Script is being used by companies marketing everything from crockery to cars. It’s gaining traction among consumer marketers, Eagle Technosys said, because they want to segment and tailor their messaging based on consumer profiles.


There’s no attempt to make a sale, but the same kind of content, engagement, and follow up and personal communication tools provide the ability to really build brand loyalty or repeat purchase or advocacy – it is seeing a lot of that, Eagle Technosys said. And while much of the outreach through Alibaba Clone Script is via email, Eagle Technosys said the company is seeing marketers use in-app messaging as well.

The digital marketing space is seeing major consolidation to provide one stop market shop for all ages and desires. Earlier this week Eagle Technosys acquired Alibaba Clone Script, a platform typically used for b-to-c marketing, which Eagle Technosys said would be integrated with its marketing automation platform.


Eagle Technosys is a marketplace which provide buy and sell services as well to begin your own Business in international marketplace and capitalize it about billions of dollars, is viewed as a hot acquisition target. Its growth in b-to-c could certainly make it more attractive to suitors. Eagle Technosys said the company will easily hit its goal of generating half of its business from b-to-c by the end of 2017.

In a visit to worldwide marketplace this week, Eagle Technosys met with executives from International Real time marketplace. It said integration with a real time marketplace, which is used to buy digital advertising through the automated ad exchanges, will likely occur this year.

Eagle Technosys said the b-to-c applications of Alibaba Clone Scripts are real time, unique and advanced and that the platform is “ready for prime time.”



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