Things To Know Before Signing Up For Lyft Or Uber Driver:

There are many people who wish to gain more control on their finances and start make more money on the side. Driving Uber and Lyft can definitely be a strong means to gain a stable and respectful earning! It doesn’t matter whether you choose to drive Uber or Lyft, it can always be a wonderful stepping stone to making more money and affording yourself  better lifestyle. However, before you choose to drive Uber or Lyft, here are few basic things one must know about:

The first practical thing that you must know about this job is that the actual amount you make is always less than advertised after expenses. Uber advertises that an average driver’s earnings across 20 cities in US goes up to about $19 per hour. However, a survey found that the actual amount you can take home was around $13.35 per hour after most expenses. This isn’t bad, but it is definitely something to consider. However when tax season comes around, you can always write off your expenses for things like car repairs, gasoline, car washes, insurance, maintenance, amenities.

The next thing you need to know is that you may initially need to pay for a few things to get your car in functioning order. In most cities you’re required to pass a vehicle inspection and this checks the functionality of the car. You may find out that you need to replace a tire or two, or maybe your brakes, etc. There are many drivers who are initially unaware of these problems and might feel frustrated or disappointed if they fail the inspection.

Lastly, before you join Uber or Lyft you must get familiarized with the “peak” driving hours. Ask yourself, what are the best times to drive in your city? Research and find out when and where to be during certain “surge times” or “prime times”. Every city is different. You can earn up to 5x more money per trip than an average fare if you’re smart about when/where you’re driving! Get a pulse on your city and find out when certain big events are letting out. Lyft and Uber charge higher prices during these “higher demand” times. Look up your city schedules for concerts, festivals, trade shows, sporting events, and conventions. In some rare cases, passengers have been known to get sick after a night of driving and make a mess in your car. In this event, both Uber and Lyft have reimbursement policies in place. Just make sure to have proof and take a picture to send through in-app support so that they can reimburse you for the cleaning fee.

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