Timber Car Garages

A Garage Increases the Value of Your Home

Building or installing a pre-built garage provides immense value to your dwelling. Prospective home owners want someplace to park their vehicle, store their things, place in a home gym or to your own blokes to tinker with their mechanical or handyman skills. At a minimum you would want a seat and your home is going to have hardly any appeal with no garage and the greater the garage the more value your house will have. Things like automatic garage doors, storage cupboards and tool stands all include that extra appeal. And of course a double garage will even be more striking – that is what hooked me when looking at my present house, what a pity I just filled the extra space up with junk but that is another story.
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If You’re interested in constructing your own garage here a few Actions to consider:

1) Plan out your needs: Start with your allocated budget and then consider the things you would like to have such as how much car parking, do you want a workshop area, how many electric outlets will you desire and where, how many windows and in which, will you be able to afford heating, etc.

2) Decide on the garage size: The distance of your lawn will dictate the size of your garage. A normal garage size is 12 ft. wide by 22 ft long and 18 ft wide. But in case you have room for bigger and can afford it then do it.

3) Draw up a blueprint: Consult someone who knows what they are doing and maybe even find a professional garage maker as they may already have pre-built garages that fit your needs.

Add storage inside your garage to include even more value:

You can use old cabinets, wardrobes, Chester pulls, tool hangers or even storage baskets to include more room and supply storage for backyard and household things. Place to store spray paints, sports gear, tools, gardening supplies, lawnmower, etc..

Go for automated garage doors if you can:

All of us hate pulling up in the vehicle and then having to get out go the car to open the garage door. There are plenty of places who market automatic garage doors but they ought to be of steel inside and outside and come with a door opening adjustment.

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