Bella Kitchens -Your Kitchen Specialist

Bella Kitchens- the renowned kitchen specialist offers hardware fittings that help you design your kitchen the way you dreamt of it. We provide you with options to pick and choose hardware that maximize the functionality and at the same time be in line with the aesthetics of your kitchen.

Functionality is the soul of every kitchen. Without it, the kitchen is nothing more than an assembly of good looking cabinets. Our constant endeavor is to make your kitchen more functional, ergonomically and aesthetically more appealing, so that every minute of your presence in the kitchen is a joyful experience.

Different Kitchen Functional Zones:


This kitchen zone contains typical consumer goods such as canned goods, rice and pasta as well as Built In Refrigerator and frozen foodstuffs. In simple terms most grocery shopping is stored in this zone.


This kitchen zone is used to store items such as dishes, glasses and cutlery. It is also an ideal location for ‘odd and ends’ storage (i.e. stationery, pens, household paperwork, etc)


This zone contains space for waste collection and storage as well as household cleaners Detergent Holder and cleaning utensils. It is also the location of the sink and the dishwasher.


This zone is the main work area in the kitchen. Most kitchen preparation work takes place here. Items such as; kitchen utensils, knives, small electrical appliances, chopping boards, spices and mixing bowls are all located in the preparation zone.


This kitchen zone includes the Gas Hobs, over, steamer, microwave, extractor hood, pots, pans, cooking utensils and baking trays.

Our service does not stop here, we also provide after sales services to ensure that you have a smooth and hassle free kitchen at your perusal. Our approach is to enable you to have your dream kitchen exactly the way you want it, and with the least bit of effort required from your side.

The Kitchen Selector gives you an exact idea about our products and helps you decide the products that would be best suited for your kitchen’s design from a wide variety of options available, making it look more elegant.

To make your entire experience all the more enriching, We guide you right from the initial stage, i.e., in selecting the different products for your kitchen (using the Kitchen Selector), to designing your kitchen, and after selection once you have placed the order with our dealer, seeing to it that the products are delivered at the earliest.


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