Renovating Awnings & Canopies of a Storefront

Canopies, or awnings, are roof- like structures above a window or door, projecting over the sidewalk. They are typically made of canvas or metal and can shelter customers, merchandise, and storefront windows from direct sunlight. Awnings also provide space for signage and decoration, to enhance the pedestrian experience and welcome customers.

Awnings visually mark door and window locations. They help visually define the width of an individual store and can contribute to business identity. On a single building with multiple storefronts, individual awnings should be located at each storefront opening and be consistent in size, profile, and location to distinguish each business and reveal building details. Multiple awnings on a single building do not need to be identical.


  • Attaching awnings to the building at or below the lower edge of the sign band
  • Awnings with dimensions that match the Soundproof Windows & Doors in Pune openings
  • Awnings made of canvas and waterproof cloth designed to resist fading and tearing
  • Colors that coordinate with the building and area
  • Retractable awnings that allow flexibility to respond to changing weather
  • Using awnings to cool interiors and save energy
  • Awnings that are in proportion to the building
  • Under-awning lights designed to illuminate the sidewalk and storefront
  • Awnings with thin profiles that do not obscure the building and storefront
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  • Reflective or glossy finishes that obscure a reader’s view
  • Rigid materials such as aluminum, vinyl or plastics that are sensitive to weather conditions, especially wind
  • Obscuring architectural details of the façade
  • Using a continuous awning across two buildings to join them as one business
  • Backlighting awnings

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