Which Window Blinds is Right for Your home décor?

Looking for something else? A great intimacy and much more style? Blinds are the way to go. Windows, if repaired correctly, can become the part synchronism. The blinds continued to be colorless fixtures that hang from the office windows being that dynamic decoration element that can really add a zing to any space. Read and find out what kind of blind person is right for you.

Vision Blinds

This is my current favorite – one way or another, these blinds bring a sense of sharpness and luxury to me. It is difficult to confuse with a wooden shutter or synthetic wood; tend to work well with most decorating styles. See how the vision blinds a resort, a tropical look in the room!

For long-term durability and solar coverage, choose composite shutters that resemble wood and retain their shape indefinitely.

Zebra Blinds

Zebra blinds are very popular, especially in commercial spaces. But they can also work very well in homes, especially if you want to cover large sliding doors or floor-to-ceiling windows. What works even better is when white shutters and curtains are attached to them.

These are easier on the pocket, handy, and offer good light control. Many have vinyl fins, making these window coverings easy to clean and maintain. You can choose between vertical PVC or fabric, depending on whether you want a more formal or casual appearance.

Roman blinds

Most Roman blinds use fabrics and therefore can infuse the room with lots of light. Because they use fabrics, there are options to choose from. One can consider the flowers, the bold motives, the colors of the blocks … the choice is limited only by your imagination.

If you have a brown/beige palette in your living room, consider the Roman shades of silk to price; which instantly add an opulent feeling to space. And they filter the light so beautifully!

Honeycomb Blinds

Cellular tones, often known as honeycomb blinds, are known for their versatile offerings and the sense of cleanliness they bring into space.

These shades are soft but durable, and also provide good insulation. They can reduce the carbon footprint by reducing their air conditioning costs. These blinds have two or more pleated layers forming a honeycomb compartment, thus trapping the air and adding it to the insulation. Honeycomb is also the right choice if you are looking for a complete exterior coverage or a bad option for your room.

Pleated curtains

These blinds offer a wide selection of decorative and textured fabrics, with the confidentiality and darkening of the lines of the room. They are an excellent solution for windows of different shapes and sizes. The pleated blinds are fabric, accentuated by cross folds and provide a good dose of personality to space.

Sliding panels

These are similar to vertical blinds, but the panels are wider and can slide over each other. They are lightweight and can be easily moved, and are a good choice for larger windows and doors. In the space shown, the texture of the sliding panels mimics bamboo or wood. Here have been added as sliding screens, solar lock to complement the modern design of the room.


Do not we stick to these closed European windows and these slatted doors? But more white and brown; now there are a plethora of colors and styles to choose from. Go with five-star hotels – install blinds on the cabinets or bathroom doors for a very stylish look.

Consider a DIY activity for your kids – let them get out the paint can and the color of each rainbow color port in your room.

Roller blinds

Roller shutters use the technique of hardening the fabric. These shades are excellent for reducing excess light as well as for getting the effect of suppression. If you are into patterns and prints and you want a custom blind, it is worth opting for a laminate option.

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