Wireless router

A wireless router is a device that provides wireless access points to access the network such as the internet. It also performs functions of a router. It may also used to make a WLAN to access the computer network, such as a computer lab in college or a bank. These are used when wired LAN is impossible to form. These are also called Wifi routers and mostly used at home to provide internet access to all family members.

Anyone who has the internet, use to make a hotspot at home or office to provide seamless access to every family or staff member. Modern router offers impressive features such as fast internet access, multiple network integrated cards, dual wireless band support, i.e., 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz with dual antennas, some of the latest Wifi routers come with the support of LTE modem so that you can enjoy the faster internet without any problem.

All routers have Linux as their operating system. These provide a web interface to the user. This web interface is hosted on a web server software which runs on the device. Mostly, Vx Works is used as operating in Wireless routers.

Most firmwares of these are open source because they are built using the source of Linux, which itself is an open source operating system. Last year, various router manufacturers changed their firmwares and clocked custom installations due to FCC ruling. But many manufacturers, such as Asus and Linksys are still supporting the open source project. Their firmwares are still open source, and one can make custom installation on these routers made by them.


Best wireless routers are used both at offices and homes because both of these places need internet access to perform their daily tasks with the ease. But offices make use of wired local area network because it is faster than wireless local area network and office staff needs the internet on computer systems. However, these are used at home where family members need the internet on their mobile phones.

Every day, many people come to buy a router for home use, but they don’t know which things should be kept in mind. Here we will discuss some basic points you should check out before purchasing a router for home usage.

First of all, make sure the router you are buying offer 811.2ac standard. Wireless routers supporting 811.2ac offer speeds up to 1300 Mbps, even at its base level; which is the fastest among every other standard. It is also compatible with older devices, but they won’t get these speeds due to their outdated standard.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you should first check whether the router you are buying supports your required connections simultaneously or not. Mostly, other routers are limited to 10 users at a time, so first check this thing. One and the last thing is that buy from the retailer who offers return facility because some routers fail to fulfill one’s needs.

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