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He looked at the Hall of Famer “as a god” and wanted to be  NBA Live Mobile Coins Mike, but he said he didn’t believe he could get there. That’s where James became less like Mike and more like Magic Johnson. He started focusing on other players, making his teammates better, and leading his team to victory instead of gunning them there.”He’s more like me than he is like Michael,” Johnson agreed in a 2007 interview with The New York Times. ”


He’s more into controlling the game than he is dominating it  Cheap Madden NFL 18 Coins with scoring.”LeBron knows he doesn’t have to score to make an impact. The other facets of his game — the pinpoint passing, the defensive prowess, the on- and off-court leadership and, most of all, the desire to chase greatness — rub off and elevate his teammates to a different stratosphere. The scoring has just been an added bonus, a bonus that’s paid off with


The King cementing his name atop Jordan’s on this playoff list.Now, James faces his toughest task yet: a powerhouse Golden State Warriors team that reached the NBA Finals without a loss. A team that has two ex-MVPs, a sharpshooter who doubles as a lockdown defender, and one of the most versatile two-way players in basketball history. And a team that runs the game plan of an offensive guru and a defensive genius.


It won’t be easy, but James has been down this at mmogo  road before. He took down the Warriors last year after they posted the best regular-season record in NBA history. But he only averaged 24.8 points through the first four games of that series while Golden State took a 3-1 series lead.Then, James put up back-to-back 41-point games to tie the series at three apiece before posting a triple-double in Game 7 to steal away a championship.

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