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WETT Inspections in Midland and Penetanguishene

Announcing the move of a WETT Certified Comprehensive Inspector to the Midland and Penetanguishene area.  The Comprehensive Inspector is the highest level offered by WETT and ensures the Inspector is also either a Chimney Sweep or Technician.  To perform inspections on wood stoves and fireplaces properly really does require that hands on level of knowledge.

RAW Chimney Sweep and Inspections moved to the Penetanguishene and Midland area in 2016 and is serving North Simcoe and Muskoka including Barrie, Bluewater, Christian Island, Coldwater,Deer Island, Egbert, Elmvale, Fesserton, Hillsdale, Honey Harbour, Innisfil, Lafontaine, Mactier, Midland, Moonstone, Muskoka, Muskoka Lakes, Oro-Medonte, Orr Lake, Parry Sound, Penetanguishene, Port McNicoll, Port Severn, Sawlog Bay, Severn Township, Tay, Tiny, Tiny Beach, Thunder Beach, Victoria Harbour, Vasey, Wasaga Beach, Waubaushene, Waverley, Wyebridge, Wyevale and surrounding areas.

What is a Comprehensive Inspector and why should you need to know?  If you own a wood stove or fireplace, then you may need to have a “WETT Inspection” performed on the system for insurance purposes, or you may have recently purchased a home or are looking at one and have been told to get a “WETT Inspection“.   Yes, if you look in the WETT Directory there are several hundred inspectors and many who serve the Midland and Penetanguishene areas.  But many of these are what is known as Basic Inspectors.  What is the difference?  Well in a nutshell, the Basic Inspector is only certified to perform a Level 1, or the most basic inspection.  These inspections generally do not have the inspector climb on the roof, normally do not remove the chimney cap or photograph inside the chimney, these inspections normally do not clean out the firebox and check the operation of the dampers or other controls of the system, normally do not sweep the chimney if necessary to view the conditions of the components.  What do they do then?  Often times not much more than take the measurements for clearances to combustibles and end there.  Yes, that is often the extent of it.  That is why the NFPA 211 states you need a Level 2 inspection for all Real Estate Transactions or Transfer of Land Ownership, that is why you need a Level 2 inspection if any component of the system has been modified or changed. And that is why you need a Chimney Sweep, Technician or Comprehensive Inspector.  These individuals can all perform a Level 2 inspection for you.

The WETT Inspections that I perform will come with several pages of reporting, photographs and reference material.  Sometimes, sad to say, the WETT Reporting and documents provided actually exceed what the person has received from their Home Inspector on the entire home!  That is because at this time, Home Inspection is not a controlled or regulated industry and a WETT Inspection is a Code Inspection not simply a persons opinion!

Remember the Ontario Fire code mandates that you should have you wood burning system inspected and/or cleaned annually.  Now if you have been trained then you could do this yourself, but if you make a mistake and your insurance asks for proof of cleaning and/or inspection it is always best to have had a trained professional do the job.  If you can not recall when your Chimney was last Swept perhaps it is a good time to schedule it now Visit our website for more information.