How Important Is A CPU Cooling Fan?

CPU cooling fans are important component of CPU coolers. These are small fans built inside the computer system or CPU, which are used to dissipate heat. They are a type of computer fan. The computer system generates a large amount of heat when heavy tasks are being done on it. The components of a computer system may get damaged when this heat exceeds the certain limit. Tips for finding the best cpu cooling fan can play a big role in searching of this gadget.

These fans keep the computer system cool by expelling the extra heat. This process of expelling the heat and keeping the computer cool is known as Active Cooling. These cooling fans work by throwing the heat away from the computer, or by transferring it to the heat sinks. High temperature is dangerous for computer components such as RAM, HDD, etc.

Computers of old days had no proper device to control the heat. They just had sink made of aluminum. New computers have three to four fans built into them to maintain the temperature. As the processing power of computers has increased by the time, there was the need to install a proper CPU cooler. Most of the manufacturers are using fans as coolers. Computers of nowadays carry out multiple operations at the same time. They are being used all over the world. Just a sink made by of aluminum is not enough because a computer is used about 20 hours in a day. So we need to use cooling fans because they are the most effective and efficient way of controlling the temperature of the computer.

Computers are being used in every field of daily life, such as railway stations, banks, schools, hospitals, offices and airports etc. They carry out various activities for a long time. In some organizations, huge number of activities is put on with heavy load on the computer system. This thing results in the consumption of high voltage which leads towards high temperature. Cooling fans remove this heat and enables the system to keep working without any hindrances. If no proper cooling system is used, the computer may stop working. It is known as throttling of the processor where processor stop working of lower down its clock speed to prevent any damage.

The main and the only purpose of a cooling fan is to dissipate the heat and keep the computer system cool.  These cooling fans come under the category of certain best CPU coolers. You can also find many other options for cooling down your computer system such as liquid cooling system, heat sinks and blowers. But cooling fans are the best option available in the market due to the fact that they provide good value for money and works perfectly. Some disadvantages are also found in these fans, such as poor airflow, dust and poor heat transfer can affect the working of fans. Proper maintenance is required to keep the efficiency.

Computer systems don’t produce heat all the time. They do so only if heavy work is being done on them.


We hope that you enjoyed reading our brief article on CPU cooling fans. In this article, we have discussed why you need to use cooling system and what the best option for you. We have also discussed some drawbacks faced in cooling fans. If you have any concern, please feel free to do comment.

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