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The only way you’re allowed to do that is to tell your friend that he’s a lucky old devilYeah, but only when you are saying it to him, or when you know he will hear you. Says so right here in the manual.I don’t think this is either of those situations.If you’re not folding with your idle computer time you’re not part of the solution.Krogoth wrote:Believe or not. There is quite a number of “attractive” female gamers out there.

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Gold standard: Bradley Wiggins shows off his gold won in the men’s cycling time trial on Wednesday.Yet even two days before the opening ceremony, we had the debacle at the women’s football when the South Korea flag was shown instead of North Korea. That followed the scandal over the G4S security debacle.Thankfully, as I sat in the Olympic Stadium last Friday night, Danny Boyle put an end to any negative, preGames talk with his spectacular, breathtaking opening ceremony that not only won over the British, but the world, judging by the coverage in the international media.It was a privilege to witness it first hand and now, suddenly, the Games are already halfway through.But what was the moment that summed up the opening week for me?Was it being sat in the North Greenwich Arena when Keyworth’s Sam Oldham became one of the GB gymnasts that made a team final for the first time in 88 years then defied the odds to take bronze in the final in pure sporting theatre?Or was it seeing an emotional Rebecca Adlington, from Mansfield, emerge from the pool to share the warmest of embraces with longterm mentor, trainer and friend Bill Furniss after winning bronze in the 400m freestyle, to add to her two gold medals from Beijing, in front of a pumpedup home crowd?On the other hand, seeing the brutal side of the Olympics also made an impact, as University of Nottingham graduate David Florence bombed in the C1 canoe slalom. Despite being favourite for gold he did not get past the semifinals.

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