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Memphis GrizzliesMike ConleyChandler Parsons Tony AllenMarc GasolThe Grizzlies play one way and one way only: with grit. No need to change that for a 3-on-3 game. We wanted Chandler Parsons on the Madden Mobile Coins floor for spacing, but he’s out four to six months nursing a pinky toe injury. So we replaced him with First Team All-Defense.14. Oklahoma City ThunderRussell WestbrookVictor OladipoEnes


KanterThis is really a 1-on-3, but I put two other guys next to  Cheapest madden mobile coins Westbrook just for fun.13. Portland Trail BlazersDamian LillardC.J. McCollumJusuf NurkicThis is my dark horse because you have three playmakers on the floor. Imagine Lillard and McCollum getting each other open for Nurkic’s pinpoint passes? Or just a straight up iso for McCollum on the wing? Maybe a Lillard stutter-step pull-up three? This is a fun team.12.


Utah JazzGeorge HillGordon HaywardRudy GobertGobert’s a really good shot-blocker and rebounder, but he’s also an extraordinary screen setter. That’ll give defenses problems, especially with Hill and Hayward.11. Chicago BullsRajon RondoDwyane WadeJimmy ButlerThese guys showed you can’t count them out in the first round against the Celtics. With a healthy Rondo, anything is possible.10. Milwaukee BucksGiannis


AntetokounmpoKhris MiddletonJabari ParkerWith at maddenvip.com a healthy Parker, this team is about as good as any the NBA has to offer. If you’re not the Warriors (KD), Cavs (LeBron), or Spurs (Kawhi), you don’t really have an answer for Giannis. And that’s game right there.9. Washington WizardsJohn WallBradley BealMarkieff MorrisJohn Wall and Bradley Beal are a duo tailor-made for 2-on-2 basketball. I thought to add Otto Porter here, but he’s mostly a corner three-point shooter.

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