“Breaking Down Is Waking Up: The Connection Between Mental Illness & Spiritual Awakening’ by Dr. Russell Razzaque, has meaningful insights on Mindfulness.”


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London (The UK), 1st September 2017: Dr. Russell Razzaque, an NHS Consultant Psychiatrist in the UK and the Honorary Senior Lecturer at UCL is known for his experience of 16 years in Psychiatry. Along with a medical degree and diploma in psychotherapy from the University of London, and membership in the Royal College of Psychiatrists, he is also a Specialist Register of the UK General Medical Council and is associated with eminent organizations such as the University of Cambridge and the National Health Service, etc. However, what has truly rewarded him with several accolades is his extensive research on the practices of Mindfulness and Open Dialogue. Owing to his profound knowledge on this subject matter, he has also been able to author a book, ‘Breaking Down Is Waking Up: The Connection Between Mental Illness & Spiritual Awakening’ which enunciates the pivotal connection between spiritual awakening and mental health issues.

This book throws light on the varied new forms of treatments for curing the different mental illnesses, by taking inspiration from the Eastern Approaches, involving practices like Mindfulness. After a detailed research on the ancient spiritual traditions, quantum physics and neuroscience, and gaining a substantial experience from treating his patients, Dr. Russell Razzaque has concluded that the Mindfulness therapies are not only a treatment for the mental health issues but also enables a person to complete the process of spiritual growth, wherever applicable.

Review & Feedback

Now you can purchase this book on amazon.co.uk which has received some extremely positive reviews from the readers. Miss Katie Mottram, who has shared her experience of reading this book, believes that this sort of a book is like a guiding light that can bring about that much-needed paradigm shift within the society. She says, “I devoured Dr. Razzaque’s book as if it were water satiating a previously unquenchable thirst. If you have experienced mental distress but have felt it was something deeper, something more meaningful, but have been misunderstood by the psychiatric system then this book is for you. It offers clarity and hope, in what is often a derogatory and uncompassionate world. Every word resonated so deeply with my own experience, and to have confirmation of something that you believe coming from someone who has the power to influence significant change within the mental health system brings such relief and validity. This book is Universal, and it feels synchronistic, timely to the shift that is occurring in society today. Breaking down is waking up will be a contributor to an evolutionary shift within western psychiatry, and it can’t come soon enough! Dr. Razzaque’s bravery to speak out against the conventional bio-medical model must be celebrated.”

For further information on Dr. Russell Razzaque, his practices, and research papers, please visit his official website http://russellrazzaque.weebly.com/.

About Russell Razzaque: Dr. Russell Razzaque is an established psychiatrist, researcher, and Mindfulness teacher in the UK. Visit http://russellrazzaque.weebly.com/ to gain more details about him and his achievements.



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