Is It Time To See The Eye Doctor?


When it is really time to see an optometrist or eye doctor as your little child may call them? It is not as urgent a visit as a regular check-up or visit to the dentist. For adults who are past their teens an optometrist consultation is recommended every couple of years or so. However, more frequent visits will be in order for persons involved with illnesses like glaucoma, diabetes or any past troubles or injuries to their eyes to keep their eyes in tip top shape. Optometry itself is a fascinating field of study. If you are interested in pursuing a subject like optometry Australia, Canada, Brazil and Columbia are some of the best places to do it.

Furthermore, there are some rudimentary signs that should indicate to you immediately that you should have your eyes checked as soon as possible, even if it upsets your regular consultation cycle.Listed below are a few symptoms that are ample reason for concern and should be looked at by a specialist with no time to spare.


A regular cessation of headaches can be a clear indication of a problem with your eyes. Usually, a change in vision is a slow process that often goes by unnoticed but sometimes a headache can unpleasantly raise an alarm that it is time to have your eyes checked. Especially if the headaches are recurring, you should not make any further delay making an appointment.

Sudden Occurrence of Blurred Vision and Trouble Focusing

If you have not aged well enough for this to be natural, then you have got a problem. A sudden occurrence of blurred vision or trouble focusing can point to a more serious issue regarding your eyes, so have it checked out immediately. Even if a blurry state of vision is not relentless and is only affecting one eye that does not make your need to see an optometrist any less urgent.

Eye Pain and/or Fatigue

Eye pain or fatigue can be the result of anything from allergies, sleep deprivation or the common cold so in most cases, they can be overlooked, however, if the pain is persistent and intensifies whenever you move your eyes,and conventional wisdom says you should get them checked.It could be a sign of a nasty eye infection or even a more serious condition that needs treatment.


This is likely the most relatable sign of letting you know you should consult an optometrist. It is a natural response to squint when we are having trouble with our eyesight. Squinting dials down how much light is taken in by our eyes and therefore dials down light scattering to make a temporary repair to our vision. It is one of the most common reasons for why you may have visited the eye doctor.

Whatever these signs are that you may encounter, give them their due diligence and have your eyes checked out. You can never be too careful with them as you rely on them so much to live life on a daily basis.