Which one do we need to buy Fitness band or Smartwatch?

In the year 2017 the market share of the wearable devices are increasing from time to time and many wearable devices manufacturers across the world today they were launching various kinds of fitness bands and smart watches with wonderful options, during the purchase of any fitness band or smartwatch most of the users will confuse on which one do they need to pick?

The functionality or the futures of the both devices will look similar but when we observe with more concentration, then we will find the huge difference in between them. When you face this kind difficulty, then our post may help you. Normally the wearable is designed to deliver notifications, communicate and keeps track of day to day fitness activities. A smartwatch is the right convenient option to view and reply emails, text messages, calls and social media notifications on your wrist. Where the fitness trackers will focus more on activity and health monitoring, like how many steps you have taken and how many calories you burned another good thing about this device even you can track your heart rate also. Based on your requirement you can choose either fitness band or smart watch. Let assume you are giving more importance to your fitness levels, so as we discussed above the fitness band would be an ideal choice to monitor your day to day activities. But when you search on Amazon with the keyword “fitness band” then you will find so many fitness tracking devices. But here you supposed to be smarter during the purchase of the right fitness device. You need to prefer the device in such a way that as it needs to track all your day to day activities accurately in the meanwhile it needs to be more affordable.

In the Amazon, many companies provide the fitness tracker, but very few companies like iPro Fitness provides the Fitness bands which tracks all your day to day activities perfectly like how many steps you have taken and how many calories you burned. It also provides the accurate information about your sleep and heart rate monitoring. One great thing about iPro Fitness band once after quality services also the cost of the device is really very low than compared to any popular brand product, but the functionality of the both the devices are same. In this post, we are sharing the models of the fitness bands what iPro Fitness is offering and it’s Amazon product listing URLs so that you can buy your preferred device from the below URLs.

i-Pro ID101 Fitness Tracker:



i-Pro ID115 Fitness Tracker



i-Pro ID107 Waterproof Fitness Tracker With Heart Rate Monitor



i-Pro S2 Waterproof Fitness Tracker With Heart Rate Monitor



Above mentioned 4 devices are affordable in the cost and excellent in performance. So you can choose any one of among them as per your interest.