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Timberwolves currently have about $87 million committed in guaranteed salaries this season. That number hinges on a flat payout of $19 million a year over three years for Teague’s new $57 million contract.But NBA Live Mobile Coins Minnesota could clear room for a Millsap deal in a heartbeat. The Timberwolves are scheduled to pay Cole Aldrich $7.3 million this season, but his contract is non-guaranteed for 2018-19.


Minnesota could trade him as an expiring contract to  NBA Live 18 Coins a team with the space to absorb his salary whole, and attach Oklahoma City’s future first-round pick (via Utah: Ricky Rubio trade) as a sweetener for the deal.The pick is lottery protected in 2018, 2019 and 2020, and as of now, the Nets, Bulls, Suns and 76ers are teams with enough cap space to take on Aldrich’s contract without sending a player back.


From here, the Timberwolves have options. They could offer the Hawks a sign-and-trade for Millsap, sending Gorgui Dieng’s four year, $64 million contract to Atlanta in exchange. They could also renounce their rights to restricted free agent Shabazz Muhammad, making him an unrestricted free agent. Doing so frees the team of his $7.6 million cap hold and could create more than $16 million in cap space for this summer, but is an undesirable option, given his potential as a spark plug off the bench.


Whichever route Minnesota chooses, it will still be able to round out the roster with the $4.328 room mid-level exception and whatever cap space it has left.Why Millsap to the Timberwolves makes senseFor a variety of reasons, Paul Millsap to Minnesota makes sense.It could allow for endless switchabilityAside from Teague, who will have to be hidden defensively, the Timberwolves could have four players who could ostensibly defend positions two to four.


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