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It is believed by Chinese massage practitioners that energy in our bodies must flow without hindrance. This is important so that it can prevent diseases or stress from happening. Over the time of many years, practitioners have adopted and then modified the techniques used in Chinese massage that will be the most beneficial for the one seeking the massage.

Asian Touch believes and works with this ideology. We ease and clear the points of inner energy and pathways in our clients; bodies, so that blood and energy can flow without interruption. Our clients enjoy the benefits and the process of Chinese massage and have told us time and time again that it has been supportive towards stress relief and healing from an injury. We believe that Chinese massage has therapeutic benefits as much as relaxation ones. Today, Chinese massage has become an alternative form of medicine for healing.

Chinese Massage also known as Tui Na, is the stretching and kneading the muscles while applying pressure on different points of the body. Asian Touch uses this form of massage to balance the yin and yang of a person’s energy to enhance health and lifestyle.

The benefits of Chinese Massage that Asian Touch will provide are numerous. Let us list a few:

– Gaining more strength and vigor in muscles and overall body
– Used to lessen lower back pain
– Betterment of heart functions
– Blood pressure and hypertension can be decreased
– Release of hormones
– Increased pace of recovery from injury or surgery
– Lessen rigidity from frozen shoulders
– Better immunity
– Enhanced sleep and sleeping patterns
– Healthier organ functions

Asian Touch is very concerned and particular about making the clients feel comfortable from the moment they enter the massage center to the point where they receive the massage and when they leave. What you can expect from a Chinese massage from us is that, we will offer complete privacy when you will disrobe and lie on the table to get your massage. Our massage therapists are professionals who will give you the sense of relaxation and put you at ease from before the start of the session so that you have nothing to feel uneasy about. We will build proper trust and communication prior to the session to make you feel more comfortable about the process. And once it is done, you will not realize where the hour has passed.


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