Swiss German

Learning Swiss German Made Simple

Swiss German is spoken not in Germany but in Switzerland. It is the regular language of the Swiss but it is not German. You may know with the differences it has with all the noises, pronunciations, as well as the grammar used. One thing that you should know about this language though is that it is not a written language. When the Swiss people write they do this with high German, the sort of German language that’s spoken by German-speaking countries in Europe.
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So why should one find Swiss German? There are lots of answers to this. Zurich and Geneva as the two international cities are in fact found on the plateau landmass of this landlocked country. So if you’re after big time business ventures that require you to be in joint venture with a Swiss businessman, then you better speak his language. It helps when you understand German because the Swiss individuals may speak perfect German also, but it’s different once you understand of Swiss German if you are supposed to speak to him as a friend, an ally, or a partner at that. Do not ever forget that in the event you have great opportunities for you in Switzerland, you must take really good care of that opportunity as Switzerland is among the richest countries of the planet. Zurich and Geneva actually happen to be ranked as third and second (respectively) highest quality of life in the world. It could be because the country has not been invaded during the two world wars.

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Switzerland also attempts to avoid as far as possible any arrangement or union that would entail political, military, or direct financial movements, which makes it free of any responsibilities with other nations and instead focus on their local affairs. That It nonetheless became a fantastic venue for espionage on both warring sides during the world wars.

Therefore, it is not surprising that there are lots of foreign organizations found in Switzerland. There is the Red Cross, WEF, World Trade Organization, and also the second largest office of UN.

The Swiss men and women talk in Swiss German, sort of made up language whose base is the German language. But most Germans would find it humorous because the language has a different set of pronunciation, grammar, and accent. The Swiss unlike individuals who wish to learn the British and French accents are pleased with the strange accent that’s not German whatsoever. What everybody should understand is that the Swiss German language is a mix of the numerous dialects that are observed in Switzerland. That’s probably why they are proud of it.

Those are just a few of the reasons why learning Swiss German is essential. The good thing about it is that you don’t have to do it using a personal language coach. You only have to listen to a Pimsleur language learning music program in your iPod and you’re all set.

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