EEKCA Artwear Design Seeking Multi-Players for Partnership

EEKCA Artwear Design Seeking Multi-Players for Partnership

Maker of Unique Jamaican T-shirts and Towels Presents Opportunity to Team with Others
The EEKCA Official Artwork Design, commonly known as the EEKCA brand, has recently announced they are looking to team up with key players. The brand is making the opportunity possible to sporting goods, high school teams, travel agencies, resorts, cruise lines, festivals, concerts and trade shows and practically any other retailer who has the desire to link-up in order to sport the unique look.

“We are thrilled to make it possible for others to become involved with our exciting lines of t-shirts and towels,” stated an EEKCA Artwork Design company representative. “It’s a great chance for us and for potential counterparts. Our new line is soaring in popularity which makes it a prime opportunity for others to join in with us.”

EEKCA Artwork Designs is an online retailer that specializes in Jamaican cultural tourism and unique t-shirts and towel products. They feature EEKCA-ART-U-CAN-WEAR, that is turning the heads of buyers all around the world. More and more of the products are showing up in selected resort communities and is sported on sandy beaches on Jamaica’s North Coast, racking up sales for the Official Artwork company. The artsy fashion is especially taking the college market by storm with the introduction of college themed
While EEKCA prides itself on second-to-none, top notch customer service and boasts stylish art designs on its products, the company is now reaching out to include others in the process. Some of the categories of businesses and organization that are of interest are: athletically based teams or organizations, charities, hospitality businesses and corporations.
The venture opportunity that EEKCA is offering give a company or organization opportunities for sales as well as an ongoing business relationship that’s a win-win for both parties.

In order to partner-up, a business or organization needs only to complete the form online and place an order. A customer service representative is standing by to assist in the easy process. Shipping is often free within the United States and orders ship within 24 hours. The company offers a 30-day money back guarantee. The shopping experience in the online store is reviewed as being superb.

The Ackee Collection private label, ART-U-CAN-WEAR branding, in nature, style, look and feel is authentic Jamaican, offering lines for both men and women. Artistically designed t-shirts are available in many styles and sizes. Sweatshirts and hookies are also up for grabs as gift items and souvenirs. Towels come in a variety of options as well such as: beach, bath, kitchen, full size towels, bathrobe, hooded towels and sets.

The Ackee Collection private label manufactures custom tees such as those created in collaboration with graphic artist Tamerlane Bey, who is one of our extraordinarily talented designers for the limited edition” RASTA Diction” as well as a myriad of other first releases, limited editions and original works that you cannot find anywhere else. Our artwork designers are the best of the best and our products are awesome works of art that wreak of attitude,” commented the owner of EEKCA Artwork Design.

Printed “RASTA Diction” A Original Print, Limited Edition, First Released Series… you cannot find anywhere else. Also, the pieces of our artwork design released… have an attitude about them
In order to see what EEKCA has to offer a business or organization, visit the EEKCA Official Artwork Design website.