Joining an Oregon credit union

Financial institutions differ according to the services they offer, how they treat their clients and how well-established they are. At a certain point in their lives, individuals need financial services and in this time, they have to choose who to trust. An Oregon credit union is a non-profit institution that is owned and operated by members. Regarding services offered, you can find the same as banks, but the highlight is put on members and not on stockholders. Banks in Portland Oregon have to face competition, as unions have grown considerably.


An Oregon credit union has certain requirements regarding membership and not everyone gets to become a member. It depends where you live; work, if you are part of an association and such. Each has their own requirement and you can check out online if you are eligible, as soon as you find one within your area that captures your attention. First of all, it is important understanding what credit unions are and how they differ from banks in Portland Oregon, if they are what you are looking for and have the services you need.

Credit unions are focused on helping the community strive and succeed from a financial point of view. An Oregon credit union is owned by members and they have voting rights, so they are part of the board of directors, taking decisions. Unlike banks in Portland Oregon that are focused mainly on making a profit, the credit union is non-profit and everything that is considered a profit is returned to members. Usually, this is done by offering lower fees, higher rates on savings, loans with better rates, educational programs even and such. This is always a plus when you think about it, because everyone gets to benefit from the success of a credit union.

Credit unions are offering similar services as banks in Portland Oregon, but they have different terminology. You can it explained easily and even members can share on their insight. When you apply to become a member, you can specify your needs, your credit score in case you want a loan, if you have money to make a deposit and such. An Oregon credit union provides the possibility of getting a personal loan, car loan, even a mortgage. Those well-established one do not hesitate to provide help even for individuals with poor credit score.

Even if you happen to have an account at a bank, it does not mean you have to give it up. You can use the services of both institutions and take advantage of them, depending on what you prefer. Credit unions have developed in a great deal of manner and now they have an extended network and ATMs available across the area and the country, so there is no worry about not being able to withdraw money in case you need to.


Are you used to banks in Portland Oregon and only use their services? How about checking out a Oregon credit union and see what it has to offer and how you can work together to improve the community?