Bella Kitchens Study Tables are The Perfect Furniture for Students and Professionals

Buy Customized Home Décor Interiors in Pune for living room furniture, kitchen furniture, side tables and TV furniture. Get Home décor ideas to design your Home in Pune.

When designing your home, you can choose from a variety of sophisticated and elegant styles. With more than 100 bedrooms (and styles), there’s a design idea for everyone. You will find inspirational bedroom interiors here. In addition to pictures of great bedrooms, you will also find ideas for decorative pillows, bed headboards.

Study Tables – The Perfect Furniture for Students and Professionals

Create a convenient workspace with study tables which add a touch of style to your home office. The present-day homes are incomplete without a study table. Besides serving the purpose, a modern desk can be put to several uses. Find Unique study table lamps from the house of The Yellow Door Store and You can also shop from our wide range of kids furniture section.

Wardrobes are a must-have for every home. From clothes and accessories to home linen , files, and jewellery, wardrobes house our essentials. So, get a wardrobe that best suits your space and storage needs. Explore our wardrobe configurations and book a Design Consultation at your Home.

The space you have and your aesthetic sense are two primary deciding factors when choosing wardrobe doors. Keeping that in mind, all our designs come with the option of swing and sliding doors. And we’ve conquered corners as well with our L-shaped wardrobes. Choose from doors with MDF panels and a laminated finish for a warm, cosy look, or mirrored doors with aluminium frames to make rooms appear larger than they really are.

We have an array of modular kitchen designs to choose from. Easy customizations, with which you can design, decorate and furnish your dream kitchen. Offering the best of modular kitchens in India, our kitchens are well equipped with modern matching appliances as well as high-end design. Browse modular kitchen designs best suited in your kitchen. Most attractive kitchen designs available in parallel, stright, L shapre, U shape, C shape, island.

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