Way To Fix Error Code 1683 & 1684 On Canon Printer

Canon Printers are known for their reliability and quality printing. However, like other printers, Canon Printers are also vulnerable to different of errors and problems.

253, South Block, Charlotte, HN 783637 – Canon Printers has always been the top choice among users. Whether it is required for home purpose or be it for office use, Canon Printers stand their ground for all jobs – Printing, Scanning, Copying and Faxing. However, some common printer errors such as Error 1683 & 1684 affect the functioning of Canon Printers.

Generally, Error Code 1683 and 1684 occurs when Canon Printers are unable to identify one or more ink cartridges. Usually, these errors occur with a message which reads The FINE cartridge cannot be recognized or The ink cartridge cannot be recognized. The printer may also state specifically with which color cartridge it is having issue recognizing.

Most of the Canon Printers come integrated with a special warning system that indicates the estimated level of ink and the type of cartridges it is. When these system parts get accumulated with dirt, ink or get damaged, the printer starts presenting such error codes.

In order to clear this error, a user can try some basic troubleshooting steps and also find using 24/7 Canon Help Support Number. For this, a user can start by removing the problematic ink cartridge. Displayed message on the printer will help in knowing as for which color ink cartridge that the printer is having issue recognizing. If the screen doesn’t display any specific ink cartridge, it is best to remove all cartridges from the printer.

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Once removed, one will need to wipe down the cartridges contacts (a small strip with a series of gold contacts) using a piece of kitchen tissue or any non-fibrous tissue. If a user finds any stubborn spot which is not removable using only tissues, any alcohol based cleaning solution can be used to get rid of the spot. Once cleaned, it is recommended to reinstall the cartridge(s) back to their appropriate position correctly and close all the removed covers. After that, a user can check whether the issue is cleared or not by simply turning on the printer. The error is most likely to get disappeared.

In most of the cases, the Error Code 1683 and 1684 get clear by this process. However, if the problem persists or starts occurring again after using it for some days, replacing the problematic ink cartridge(s) is suggested and also consult to Canon Technical Helpline Support Service Team Members.

So, this is how a user can try troubleshooting the Canon Printer Error Code 1683 and 1684 easily and efficiently.

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