Kustom Kit Gym Equipment – A Family Business Designing and Engineering Quality Products with Style

With a motto “Engineering a Better You,” Kustom Kit Gym Equipment has recently caught the media’s attention due to their quality gym equipment using superior materials and components. As a result, the company is expected to outgrow their competitors pretty soon. 

Christian Dyte, the founder of Kustom Kit Gym Equipment, was a competitive  powerlifter who found that the gym equipment available was not well designed and lacked functionality. After discussions with other powerlifters, he decided to design the best gym equipment for both personal and commercial usage.

Thus, all the equipment designed by Kustom Kit Gym Equipment is manufactured with high-quality steel and other materials so that the buyers can have durable and strong kit. They take pride, not only in their unique designs but also, in their customer service. Each customer is updated from the time they place the order until the time the equipment is shipped.

The company offers a wide range of professional gym equipment suitable for home or commercial use. The Insignia range of bench presses include features such as band pegs for more versatility or they can be supplied with weight adjustment levers for those who prefer training in groups.

Power racks, or sometimes referred to as cages, come in an array of sizes and shapes. They can be ordered as half racks which have weight plate storage or as full racks that come with fully integrated platforms. They are all built for commercial use with some unique features, such as the J hook barbell rollers to enable the barbell to be centered effortlessly even when loaded with weight. They also offer upgrades to suit each gym or fitness facility.

The plate loaded stations are custom-built and made from thick steel profiles and high-quality bearings. There is a large choice of stations to choose from so as to suit all the exercises they are required for; right from chest presses to belt squats to triceps dips and much more.

Gym stations are extremely popular as commercial gym equipment and Kustom Kit manufactures theirs from heavy-duty steel and supply them in the color that will suit any gym or fitness center. They manufacture the full range of gym stations which can be used with bodyweight movements or free weights. Kustom Kit supplies the complete range of free weights along with other accessories, such as Swiss Bar, Hex trap bar and straight bar.  The functional fitness equipment that they supply is suitable for both commercial and home use.

Moreover, for the fitness facility that is just starting out and is not sure what equipment they might require or how the equipment should be installed, Kustom Kit can provide all the necessary guidance. Thus, with all these features, Kustom Kit Gym Equipment is bound to be one of the biggest names in the fitness industry.

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Kustom Kit Ltd

Address: Unit 3C, Burnett Industrial Estate,Cox’s Green, Wrington ,Bristol BS40 5QR

Website: https://kustomkitgymequipment.com/

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