hindu Vrat Katha Sangrah and their stories in Hindi

Music to human ears is heavenly. And if it’s purely devotional, it’s truly divine. Such a genre of music is the bhajan. Nothing is more deeply rooted in the Indian tradition than bhajans–simple songs in soulful language expressing love for God, a complete submission or self-surrenders to him through singing.


Vrats are an important part of modern Hindu life. Hindu Bhakti Bhajans, one of the finest destinations to Download Aarti ,Bhajan ,Chalisa, Mantra, Hindu Katha and  vrat stories with Aarti in hindi.


Hinduism is often described as the religion of fasting, festivals and festivals. To make a Hindu tradition happy, controlling and controlling its desires. The day is known as most fasting or vrat, when devotees should avoid themselves by food or water, fasting of various deities or deities is celebrated on special days. These stories have comforted millions of people in precious time. It would be appropriate to understand how a special star or planet was allocated on a particular day of the week.


Hindu Bhakti Bhajans has beautiful hindu vrat katha videos download of famous and popular fast (vrat / upvas) and their stories (katha).


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Seven days of fast with fiction and Aarti:-This website contains Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, story of Pradosh legend, Fast Law and Arti.


There are seven days in a week, and according to our Hindu religion, goddess Deity is considered to be goddess for seven days. Therefore, we can fast and worship the protected warriors to please any goddess as per our wishes. Some humans fast on the basis of their planet and zodiac sign.


On Monday, it is said to be mainly the war of shiva ji. By this fasting we can make Shiva and mother Parvati happy by worshiping and worshiping and pray for the fulfilment of their desires. On Tuesday, Hanuman ji is worshiped and hanuman chalisa song free download in hindi is available  on hindubhaktibhajans.com. Wednesday is the verdict of fasting-fulfilment guru Ganeshji’s fast. Jupiter is worshiped Lord Vishnu and Jupiter Deva. On Friday, Mother Santoshi is the warrior who gives us satisfaction and happiness prosperity. Saturday is the worship of Lord Dev and Ram Bhakt Hanuman ji. On Sunday, the sun god devoted to the whole world is worshiped.


hindubhaktibhajans has a Collection of all Hindu Vrat Katha in Hindi and  various Durga chalisa and Download hanuman chalisa, Sanskrit including general Mantra chanted during various rituals.