What Everybody Ought to Know About How to Use Digital Blood Pressure Monitor at Home

If anyone in your family has the high blood pressure problem then it is must to monitor their blood pressure regularly and keep a track of it. High or low blood pressure is be very dangerous for our body and can be the reason of serious problems like heart attack and paralysis. Maintaining and monitoring of the blood pressure is the only way to save you from these life threatening disease.

Now a day’s lot of Blood Pressure Monitor are available in the market to monitor your blood pressure. You must be very careful while selecting the device as you can’t afford any small discrepancy in these Blood Pressure Monitor. Gurin digital blood pressure machine is the very high quality blood pressure measuring device which can measure your blood pressure accurately. But you must be very careful while measuring your blood pressure. If you don’t know or have little idea about how to measure blood pressure with this device then you can end up taking wrong reading which can be very harmful.
To take correct reading you must follow the steps mentioned in the manual and printed on the cuff of the machine. You must wear the cuff very carefully as specified in the instruction and follow the below instruction
1. Always wear loose-fitting cloth while taking reading
2. Don’t measure BP just after having big meal, smoking or caffeine. You must wait for at-least 30 min after consuming the specified items.
3. Try to measure the reading on the same arm always as there is usually a slight difference in the BP of your both arms so it advisable to use always one arm to keep an track of it.
4. Don’t take measurement just after running, exercise or stairs climbing or any other physical activity. Always rest for 5 min before measuring the BP
5. Always take care of the cuff and make sure it is not mush tight while wrapping around your arm and it’s level must be equal to the heart level.