Ashley – Yang left the buynba2k

Snyderlin’s hammer broke 1-0 victory over the NBA Live Coins Mexican American team made a good start; and a week ago, the San Jose earthquake team was reversed to 1-2 Of the score lost to the Mexican American team, in fact, the San Jose earthquake team in the last five games in the game all lost. The campaign, Van Gaal discharged with the face of the Mexican American team exactly the same starting lineup, Rooney is still the top of the first row of a single arrow. 4 minutes,


De Pei Road, the ball, to the edge of the restricted area after the Cheap NBA Live Coins volley, the home team goalkeeper Bingham smashed the ball to get rid of Rooney out of the ball, Mata restricted area on the right side of the small angle shot in the side net missed. 8 minutes, Luke – Shaw left after the break through the low pass, but unfortunately Rooney, Deppe two outflanking have failed to form a shot. The first 13 minutes,


Ashley – Yang left the biography, Schneider Lin pad in front of the door, Phil – Jones poor bitter did not complete the kicker. After the Manchester United in the ball is still taking advantage of the ball, but the effective attack is not much. The first 32 minutes, Ashley – Yang left the ball into the restricted area after the return of the restricted area, Mata ball break Pierre Lazy 16 meters after the left foot shot the right corner of the door,


De Pei small restricted area front leg elbow shot Han even make a save action, but also helpless after the ball hit the right column hit the net nest, Manchester United 1-0 lead. Leading Manchester United continue to start in the front row to close up. 38 minutes, Wayne Rooney on the left side of the scraping, Pierre Lazhi back to find the Pooh, Deppe quickly plug in the big restricted area on the left before the first ball then 8 meters right foot shot into.

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