Manchester United have the Mmogo

Deheya on personal contracts and Real Madrid has at NBA Live Coins been negotiated, the only obstacle is the transfer fee, due to Deheya’s contract for only one year, Real Madrid do not want to buy a high price, but Casillas left the team , La Liga giants were forced to raise the offer, hope as soon as possible to sign Degea, Real Madrid to Manchester United offer between 22 million to 25 million pounds. British media “Mirror” admitted that despite


Real Madrid to raise the offer, but with the psychological price of Manchester United is still no small gap, it is learned that Manchester United has given up the request for 50 million pounds of the plan, the Buy MUT 18 Coins price of Deheya 35 million pounds, also That is, the two sides have a gap of 10 million pounds, but this shows that the transaction has been a good direction to develop, the two sides have room for negotiations; as the transfer market has just begun,


Manchester United have enough time to pass, but for Real Madrid Words, with Casillas breakup negotiations, they have no room for maneuver. According to the Fleet Street, Real Madrid hope Degea to participate in the team’s pre-season preparation and tournament, set the bottom line is July 18 this year against Rome’s friendly match, Degea to represent the Real Madrid race; no Doubt, Real Madrid in Deheya this transaction from the initiative to become more and more passive,


Manchester United have the  Mmogo opportunity to bite the bottom line of 35 million pounds, but Deheya joined the Bernabeu’s strong will to Real Madrid also have the ability to continue to bargain. From the news of all sides, Deheya this summer to join Real Madrid, so Manchester United must consider the substitute, it is learned that his a substitute has been released. British media “Daily Mail” news that the official confirmation of Stoke City, one year contract left

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