Take Advantage Of Amazing Job Classified Script Portal

In this technology world, everyone wants to earn more profit while doing any type of business. The business of running online job portal becomes very popular and successful business type. Many readymade scripts are available in the market for starting this business. Job classified script portal is one of the most popular and commonly used script for starting online business of job portal.

A user can search job according to location and his skills. From this site employer can easily directly access the jobseekers profile and according the requirement employer can filter the resume. Also it gives the different companies platform where it can find the jobseekers. It provides the seekers the stag where they can search the different jobs according to the company. Here jobseeker can easily upload the resume which can be seen by the different employer. The objective of this project is to provide the information about new jobs. A user can search jobs according to their location or their skills. It provides the resume tips and interview tips which is useful to provide the guideness to the user. A company organization can post the new jobs which are store in the new job database and according to this new database a employer and jobseeker or employer can search this new jobs.

Online job portal provides the candidates ability to register to this application and search for jobs, manage their accounts. Each candidate will have their own account with their own home page. On the other hand companies that are willing to publish the jobs for their company to candidates can register to the job portal and get their own account created and can post jobs to portal‘s database. Registered companies can add or remove jobs and these jobs can be seen by various candidates and they can contact the company person for the job. Main aim of this web application is to make a good web application that can make this job search option easy and accessible to everyone who are interested.


Job classified script portal brings quite simple and easy type of job posting subscription. Recruiters can easily post the important details of the job, and manage views and responses received from the candidates for the listed job posting through online from response manager. Updating your jobs regularly will increase its visibility. A simple end-to-end online automation tool helps you to post job and review multiple applications promptly. Recruiters can do free job postings in 30 seconds and save time by managing your posted jobs. Now Job classified script portal is mobile friendly too where you could do free job posting from your smart phones & get more results and candidates to your posted jobs. So post jobs on it and highlight your jobs to increase the visibility and responses on mobile devices. It used very simple free job posting method where you can post job in 30 seconds, write few jobs description and post your job for free, if you want to do some more research on resumes, you can use our resume search application where you can review applications, manage candidates & schedule interviews for the qualified jobseekers.

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