Starbucks Likes Steamy Drinks, Not Steamy Books; The Battle Over a Controversial Novel Gets Crazier

Starbucks Likes Steamy Drinks, Not Steamy Books; The Battle Over a Controversial Novel Gets Crazier

Corporate juggernaut Starbucks is going to war against a controversial book with ‘ tarbucks’ in the title. The book, entitled “Starbucks Bitches” is being systematically removed from all distribution channels by Starbucks lawyers, who are claiming the book title contains “material that is intellectual property, invasive of privacy rights, defamatory or otherwise questionable.” They are taking the additional step of trying to force any and all author accounts at publishing sites be deactivated, in an attempt to fully remove the book from circulation. This process is expected to take 6-8 weeks, after which the book will be unattainable.

The Author, Brian Hodges, has countered with an appeal based on the book content, and is ready for the David vs. Goliath battle. The reasoning; Starbucks is featured heavily in multiple scenes throughout the book, and is never once positioned as anything other than a positive meetings space. The book actually provides fantastic marketing for the coffee giant, and does not defame the company in any way. Mr Hodges is exploring all options, including a rename and rewrite of the book to not include any mention of the Starbucks name.

The issue, according to one Starbucks employee, is that the material is considered controversial, as it is considered a rival to the infamous 50 Shades of Grey. According to the description, Starbucks Bitches features five very diverse women who band together to form an unlikely, but unbreakable circle of friends, collaborating and scheming their way to better relationships and better lives. When one of them vanishes suspiciously, the others must work together to find her before she disappears forever. With a wide range of emotional and complicated relationships that span the highs (and lows) of life, Starbucks Bitches takes the reader on a wild ride that is deeply touching, thought provoking, and intensely romantic.

One of the most erotically charged and overtly sexual novels of the century, Starbucks Bitches is an unprecedented adventure in love, lust, and unconditional friendship. But it is an adventure the real Starbucks wants to see brought to a swift end.

Leslie Carter

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