Manchester United fans hope that the Maddenvip

While taking over the team, Van Gaal said the need to Madden Mobile Coins use 4 months to knead the team, with three years to regain the championship, now seems to have completed the first stage of the goal, and even get Ferguson recognition and praise. Watching Van Gaal with a broken lineup to play the current results, Sir Alex Ferguson said, I can not imagine if there is no injury, this Manchester United can be Fan Gaer tune to what height.


The game, Manchester United’s most commendable in  Buy NFL 18 Coins addition to the results, the control of the scene is also satisfactory. Manchester City is the Premier League this season, the highest success rate of passing the team, the results of the team in the game Van Gary scored 82.4% of the absolute initiative, the number of passes is 540 to 383 away Ahead of the opponent. Followed by the ability to reverse the backward situation.


The reversal was one of the most dazzling labels of Manchester United in the Ferguson era, but Manchester United was once synonymous with “no reversal” during Moyes’s coaching. Even after Van Gaal took over the pointer, there have been eight first to lose the ball but never reversed the track record, but from the start of this Derby, the Red Devils reversed the return of magic again. Compared to the “play nice”,


Manchester United fans hope that the  Maddenvip team has “fight dead” temperament. Manchester United this season has completed 17 home games (more than Chelsea play 2 lead 4 points), in the home standings topped the list, compared to home than the road worse Moyes, Van Gaal can do this Very rare. Win over Tottenham, take Liverpool, hanging Manchester City, Manchester United at the last moment of the crazy counterattack on the one hand is against the team behind the team rarely lost points, but more importantly, they are always able to compete with the direct competitors In the “value of 6 points” of the key battle victory.

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