What is live-in care?

Elderly who are less capable of caring for themselves are often put in a home. This is because their loved ones want to make sure they are supervised and they receive great attention always. However, there are cases when the transition is quite difficult and it is better what the person stays in their home, with all their belongings. Live-in care allows this, being a full-time care service that assists those in need all day long. Live-in care agencies have well-prepared personnel that meet all requirements and have qualifications to stand along a person in full trust.

There are many advantages worth taking into consideration with live-in care. For once, the care worker is providing dedicated care at all times. This implies help with cleaning the house, doing the cooking, the shopping, taking the person to the doctor and helping with medication, helping with toileting, being a companion and engaging in conversation, taking care of any pets and the garden and more. You can regard the care worker as a personal assistant, making sure the person is in good condition and assisted, but the house as well, creating a favourable living environment.

There are cases when people require special care if they have mental illness, if they are uncappable to walk on their own, being in a wheelchair and so. Under these situations, the person can’t live alone and they can’t take care of themselves and the property. Family members have a difficult time, as some have to move in, give up their jobs or move the person in a home. Live-in care is the perfect solution, as no changes have to occur and family members have peace of mind that someone dedicated and professional look up for their loved ones. Companionship is assured at all times and the relative will not feel left out and isolated.

More than that, if the person has some hobbies or wants to go out, visit friends or relatives, be part of any clubs, they can, as the care worker will take them there. Live-in care agencies state from the beginning what are the requirements of having a care worker inside the house. In general, they should have their own room, as they require privacy as well and they need a place to sleep. Live-in care involves respect from both parts and if the person offers all their help, they should be given some personal space.

The most difficult part is finding the right person for the job, as the risk is high when allowing someone to live inside their homes. You can go through the selection process on your own, or you can trust live-in care agencies to suggest suitable candidates. Of course, you can evaluate the options and choose among the candidates until you find someone that you can trust and allow to care for your loved one.

Resource Box: Have you thought about live-in care for your loved one? If you want to integrate someone professional smoothly within the family, don’t hesitate to use the services of live-in care agencies.