I came to the national team to NBA Live Mobile Coins

I came to the national team to NBA Live Mobile Coins participate in the World Cup, then I also expect to be able to receive a contract from Real Madrid, but unfortunately, it never happened. They said a lot of things, a lot of lies, they hope I can take the initiative to leave the club, but I did not, I want only a fair treatment only. I think I have made a lot of contributions to the team, but these things in the face of my salary problem is meaningless.


I hope to be able to make progress in Buy NBA 2K18 MT Manchester United, Manchester United is one of the world’s largest clubs, I want to create history here. Very lucky, I can share with so many great players over the locker room, I am fortunate to have such a good teammate, which is we can win the tenth Champions League trophy key. I would also like to apologize for some of the mistakes I have made, whether it is on the court or presence,


I have never intended to hurt anyone. Whenever I play Real Madrid jersey game, I have done the last time to wear it to prepare, although sometimes we played well, but I can be sure that in every game I have to fight Full effort. I would like to thank the Spanish country, where I have now everything, especially I also got his daughter. The people of St. Prussian Hospital,


I will always remember you, my wife and daughter will always be grateful to Mmogo you. And those who always give me encourage and support the teammates, as well as all the people working in the club, our friendship is as intimate as brothers and sisters. I hope that Real Madrid can have a great season, and be able to harvest the honor has been pursued. I will always treasure the memory of the Super Bowl,