How cork underlayment is to be used?

Cork is a truly amazingly material. It is versatile, it is environmentally sustainable and it is long lasting. Other than tiles and planks, it has other use also and cork underlayment and cork wall panels are just two examples in support of this statement.

To get the most out of your underlayment layer, you must choose the material carefully. It is sad to notice that people often spend hours to select the flooring material but never caring much to decide on the underlay. However, since it is the material that goes beneath the floor and provides it stability and support, the layer is very critical for the proper functioning of the floor. Cork underlayment has many advantages. Because of its unique structure it offers some great benefits as the underlay.

Cork can create the most effective acoustic barrier with its sound-dampening properties. So, just like carpeted floors, it reduces the sound of footfalls and absorbs other ambient noise. For apartments this plays a very important role when sound from other floors does not reach you and noise from your home does not disturb others. The effect can be multiplied when you have installed cork wall panels.

Cork as underlay gives you a springy feeling as well. When you install a layer of cork below the hardwood or laminated floor, you get the warm and soft feel instead of the solid, hard feel you get with other flooring or underlay material.

Durability is another factor that helps many homeowners to choose cork in place of other underlay material. It is a dense material that compresses easily and your floor remains stable and nice even after years of use.

Cork is also a good insulating material. It feels nice and warm feel to your foot which is very comfortable during cold winter months. The layer also keeps the house warm and cozy. The opposite happens during summer months when your house remains cool.

Cork is a sustainable material and any day better than other synthetic material. Cork is harvested from renewable source. The bark of the tree is used to make the floor tiles. The layer re-grows over time and the tree is not destroyed. The plantation around many European countries is done in a planned way and hence, the supply of cork tiles will be unhindered for a long time.

From health and safety point of view cork as underlay is a great option. It is naturally resistant to growth of mildew, mold or termite attacks. The layer remains as it is for a long time. The air remains clean and fresh and therefore good for the inhabitants.

You can easily install cork underlayment under a wide range of material including ceramic tile, vinyl tile, rubber tile, hardwood flooring, laminate flooring and carpeted floors. Add cork wall panels on the walls and enjoy the complete bliss when no noise from outside will reach your ear. People often use such wall panels to construct their recording room or audio room. Installation is easy and most often can be done very quickly.

Resource Box: With cork underlayment and cork wall panels you can make your home soundproof.