Cork flooring tiles available in a wide range of color and style

Cork flooring is a wonderful addition to your home. It is easy to clean and maintain. These days Cork flooring tiles are available in a wide range of color, finish and design. The feel of cork is really wonderful and the soft and bouncing effect gives comfort to your bare feet. This feel is quite unique and anyone steeping on the floor can make out the difference compared to wood or vinyl flooring.

If you have children or elderly person at home, they will have added benefit of protection from accidental falls. Cork has hypoallergenic properties as well that makes it resistant to mold, mildew growth or termite attack. In one hand you are assured a long lasting floor and on the other, you can be sure of the air quality inside your home. People these days are quite worried of asthma attacks and respiratory problems occurring due to mold, bacteria or mildew. It affects the children greatly. With cork flooring you can get rid of these problems to a great extent.

The insulating properties of cork also play in your favor. It has millions of tiny pores and therefore acts as a poor conductor of heat. In winter cork flooring tiles feel warm and comfortable and the ambience temperature also remains higher than the outside. In summer months, the heat cannot reach your feet and the floor feels cool and nice. So, throughout the year you get a home that is insulated.

Cork is a non-toxic material. It can withstand heat up to a very high temperature. Even if it catches fire, the fume is less toxic than smoke coming out of vinyl or any other polymeric material.

Cost of cork tiles is also quite affordable. Moreover, installation of cork tiles or planks is so easy that you can do it yourself without seeking any professional help and thereby saving more money. With growing acceptance and demand for floor tiles made of cork manufacturers have started introducing different colors and designs in their products. You will find wholesalers sourcing the cork made floors directly from the manufacturer. This offers many advantages. First, you can be sure of the quality of the material. Second, you will be able to see the entire range. Third, they maintain more than adequate inventory and even if you are going to order for a huge quantity they should be able to execute your full order. And lastly, the cost will be affordable, since there are no people involved in between you and the supplier.

Check the website of the suppliers and see the tiles that are available. Not only in color, they are available in different thickness and width. Other than tiles, you also get planks that can be sized to fit any unusual corners. Cork underlay material, the water-based coating to protect the floor and all other accessories are also available at one place. The choice of cork flooring will be enough to confuse you. You will find multiple options regarding the shade and designs. You can also search for cork flooring tiles matching the interior of your house, furniture, color of the curtains or wall paint.

Resource Box: Many homeowners are opting for cork flooring using planks or cork flooring tiles of varied colors to give their homes a new look.

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