Modern Martial Arts Classes New Jersey Announced 1 Week Free Trial for Any of the Programs


In the heart of the neighborhood Englishtown, New Jersey the Modern Martial Arts Academy MMA has becomes the brand-new center for martial arts, combat sports, self-defense and fitness. There is no need to search further as Martial Arts Classes New Jersey combines all the different disciplines of martial arts including Kids MMA, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, Muay Thai kick boxing, Boxing, Catch wrestling and Judo.

At the forefront of the brand-new fitness trends Modern Martial Arts Classes have announced 1 Week Free Trial for any of the programs offered at their academy.

1 week free trial is for a limited period only and you can try any of the programs listed below for free. Learn more about this promotion by filling out the form given at the website Choose from:

• Kids MMA

• Brazilian jiu-jitsu

• Muay Thai kick boxing

• Boxing

• Catch wrestling

• Judo

Martial Arts in NJ is popular for Catch Wrestling Legends. At the Modern Martial Arts Academy, you will never see the way you had been looking at the martial arts and fitness before. Instead of just intensive sporting trainings with goal of burning calories the MMA offers you a way to make you feel physically and mentally better.

“Modern Martial Arts is not just another MMA gym. We are a family friendly fitness facility catering to the needs of all fitness levels! Regardless of what your fitness goal is, we are here to keep you motivated and help you achieve it! You have finally found the gym where you can focus on training without the distraction of egos & attitudes. Our classes are high energy, fun, and leave you eager for the next.” explains Manager of the center at Modern Martial Arts.

As a first in New Jersey Modern Martial Arts offers a total innovative concept within the sporting trends associating muscular strengthening, new biomechanical techniques that trains you to excel at self.

About Modern Martial Arts:

Located at New Jersey Modern Martial Arts is a family friendly fitness facility catering to the needs of all fitness levels! They are the ORIGINAL Modern Martial Arts School of the tri-state area, taking pride in 15 YEARS in business.

For more information, Please visit our website:

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