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If you want to back up and transfer, move, or upgrade your websites or an existing blog conveniently without hassle, JetApps is the right choice! When looking to restore web functionality easily in the event of a server crash, hack, or fire damage, cPanel full backup has an amazing ability to provide an array of domains backup.

Jetapps is a web host provider taking responsibility for backing up your data. They are the most reliable web host provider for cPanel backups.

Learn more about the cPanel backup features and ability at – a website popular for backup software sitting right there in your control panel to address your website backup needs.

How to backup cPanel is easy with JetApps offering every possible solution for server crashes, breakdowns and more such unfortunate incidents that happen occasionally. Since your website is always at risk of malfunction, attacks and system failures, it is essential that your hosting provider takes responsibility of backing up your data. At times the damage is irrevocable – the records, e-mails and database are all lost. It is difficult to recuperate from such damages and then rebuild all over again from scratch. Fortunately JetApps web host providers allows for a full website backup through cPanel backup database.

How to Backup cPanel Emails is often asked by website owners because backup is necessary for the security of your websites. For Linux system server administrators, the hosting services you are provided with is an interface provided by the web hosting called cPanel. Within your cPanel is a great option called backup wizard. The backup wizard allows you to perform a backup of a full website and downloads it as a convenient backup file. The website backup comes with the database, emails and web files. The backup is capable of providing everything that you will need to resume your website operation should you need to restore.

About JetApps:

JetApps is the leading backup solution, or rather backup manager, for cPanel that allows users to back up their cPanel account quickly and efficiently through cPanel remote or local incremental backups, as well as other backup modules. JetApps is cPanel application that has proved to be of great benefit to all users.

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