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Welcome on the Monster Legends manual! I’ll be providing you with details on this magnificent video game. This match is made once the achievement of Dragon Town. The artwork and breeding video game play is very identical.
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The only thing which they included a lot more was the PvP part. The monsters inside the match have exclusive capabilities and unique assaults at your disposal. Dragon City failed to have that, so it absolutely was a pleasant addition.


There are 8 fundamental components from the activity. They can be hearth, water, earth, electric powered, mother nature, dim, magic and lightweight. Each element is has its strength and weakness.

  • Fire is powerful versus Nature
  • Nature is good against Magic
  • Magic is strong vs Light
  • Light is good towards Dark
  • Dark is excellent vs Earth
  • Earth is nice vs Electric
  • Electric is excellent from Water
  • Water is powerful vs Fire

This is the essential element weak spot that will be exploited in your benefit when battling during the monster arena or PvP.


For breeding, you have to breed the various elements to acquire the top monsters during the match. The monsters are grouped in the adhering to groups:

  • Common – By far the most fundamental monsters this sort of as Firesaur, Treezard etc.
  • Uncommon – Hybrids of the prevalent monsters.
  • Rare – These are typically tougher to obtain than uncommon kinds.
  • Epic – These can only be breed utilizing rare monsters.
  • Legendary – Quite possibly the most potent of them all. These can only be gotten breeding epic monsters.

The legendary monsters have a while to have as being the breeding time could possibly get really outrageous. The breeding time for them is correct about two days. So, if you transpire to own that, then you definitely know you may have properly bred a strong a single!


Each ingredient has their own habitat. Hybrid monsters can remain in their respective aspect habitats given that they have that aspect. For example, a Greenasaur has an element of fireside and Nature. Obviously, it may stay in either the fireplace or Mother nature habitat.

Earning Gold

Each monster has an earning opportunity. Dependant upon the form of monster style you have, the gold you get paid per moment can differ. The earning probable for the monster is decided by form:

Legendary > Epic > Uncommon > Unheard of > Common

You will want to obtain many Legendaries as you can to increase your gold income.

Earning Food

You might get food by building food farms. These will provide the food you need to level up your monsters. When you get to higher levels, the amount of food needed will get higher and higher. You can avoid using feeding them too much good by preventing within the adventure map so which they will get experience to level up.

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