Leankor Can Make Project Management In Alberta Easier For Leaders

Leankor provides comprehensive project handling tools for managers to improve team members’ efficiency at work. They provide efficient tools for resource management, time tracking, workflow automation, team coordination, risk management and much more. Also, it’s compatible with Salesforce project management, which will assist leaders in easy project conveyance. By using Leankor’s Visual Project Management App, team leaders can gain the highest yield by tracking the time and workflows of members, and automating the processes. Also, users can visually work with Agile or Waterfall module to manage resources, time tables, portfolios, finances and risks with ease.


Based in Canada, Leankor provides the perfect solutions for all the problems that managers face regarding project management. Every target can be achieved well in time when the delivery of each target is managed with the use of an instruction card sent along the production line. Arranging projects with the help of board templates has never been so easy. Their app produces increased return on investment and boosts cash inflow and gives effective results even for first-time users. Plus, the app has a user-friendly interface that makes it convenient for teams to learn and implement.


Their comprehensive tools are all that your business needs to achieve excellence in the field of project, portfolio and resource management in Alberta, Canada. With Leankr, you will be able to manage portfolios, time tables, resources, finances and risks at one place. It is one among the best Salesforce project management software available online. So, improve your work efficiency and make decisions promptly with Leankor. You can visit their website or contact them personally at 403-351- 2649 for more assistance.

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