So here are a few activities that make your butt muscles greater and that can be performed at home.

• Frog squats: These are like conventional squats however you keep your feet assist separated (similar to a V) Make beyond any doubt you do them gradually to expand resistance and to abstain from putting strain on your knees

• Kneeling Sidekicks: Stand on each of the fours, lift your leg as high as you can and afterward kick sideways. Change legs and rehash

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• Lunges: Stand upright and step forward until the point when your thigh is parallel to the floor (don’t go further as this can be destructive to your knee) get move down and rehash, change legs and begin once again

• Bridges: Lay level on the floor with your legs twisted at 45 degree point and your feet level on the floor. Lift your butt and hips to the extent you can while crushing your posterior and rehash.

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