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I believe that more and NBA Live Mobile Coins more like Mata this star players will join the old Trafford, which is no doubt. “For Mata’s first show, Manchester United coach Moyes as early as midfielder in Spain signed Has been confirmed, the Scottish once again stressed that “Mata’s body is very close to the good, I know he missed a few games before, maybe Cardiff’s game he may not be starting debut, but I will definitely let him in This time in the game debut.


“At the same time, Mata also accepted the interview, he talked about a lot of things. “It was a great moment to come here, and I was very happy to be here and play for such a big club, and it was difficult for the Cheap NBA 2K18 MT last six months in Chelsea, but I now expect to win the trophy here. A club with a glorious history, the players are top, I have to say, came here for me, is incredible, the club and fans are very welcome me.


I am really grateful, I want to play play , Will make every effort for the team and regain confidence. “Mata then revealed why the choice of No. 8,” I think No. 8 is a great number, I know here is a legendary number 7, I and Moyes on This problem dug, and eventually decided to let me wear No. 8 jersey. “In addition to signing Mata, Manchester United there is a big event, that is,


Rooney is about to renew, the Spanish midfielder at this press conference talked about chubby, Said I could not wait to join forces with him, no doubt he was one of the best players in England history , he was able to score, while But also in the midfield to organize an attack, he is a truly admirable player,

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