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The specialist service provider in Ecommerce Marketplace Management FinPlus, now introducing “Marketplace Promotional Activities” with Expert dedicated team. A survey conducted in February 2016 in India, about 65% of people make online purchase only when an offer or promotion is involved. That clearly means that half of the consumers in India are not making a purchase due to lack of promotional activities on online marketplace.

The survey also revealed that the number of promotion-driven customers rises to 60% for anyone under the age of 45, with those aged 25 to 34 being the most likely age group to look for an offer. Promotional activities brings numbers of possible convents to website and on other marketplace. And other factors possible variables like poor website design, a confusing customer journey, and poor quality product images, etc., it is easy to understand why average ecommerce conversion rates are what they are.

US-based survey found a similar propensity towards the use of promotions and offers in its findings from research carried out in August 2014.

Higher Benefits to Retailers
A good promotion should enhance your product marketing and offer your customer a motivation; some added value that is specifically for them. Promotional can be placed on different placed at different points along your conversion and sales funnels and benefit your business by working on several levels, often simultaneously.

About FinPlus
FinPlus gives complete marketplace management services as per your product category, with registration, cataloging, Inventory Management, order management and much more to reduce your workload. With the current boom in eCommerce business industry, it entails dealing with a lot of minute technicalities which may decide success in online business. We help sellers taking a step ahead in the eCommerce business set-up and offer complete concierge of services that assist with one’s business management. Our dynamic team is there to look after all the eCommerce activities so that one can focus on the core business activity and aim expansion.

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